A relic that protects the state - the shrine of the Mother of God "State"

The Virgin Mary always comes to the aid of people in difficult situations. It relieves anxiety, insecurity and doubts, suggests the right decision, strengthens faith and saves from problems. But at the beginning of the 20th century, The Heavenly Queen took the whole country under her patronage, revealing a new revered image to the faithful. How it happened and why the amazing icon became famous - read in our article and find out more information on yantar.ua.

Finding the "State" icon

2 (according to the old style - 15) March 1917 - a date known to everyone who is at least a little interested in history. It was then that the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, abdicated. But few people know that another event happened on this day, which gives Orthodox Christians faith that the dark times of persecution will end sooner or later.

Not far from Moscow, in the village of Kolomenskyi (the former royal residence), lived a poor peasant Yevdokia Adrianova. She tried to lead a righteous, honest life, to be gentle, peaceful and fair. And her efforts were rewarded - on February 13, 1917, the woman saw a dream in which a gentle voice spoke to her: "There is a large black image in the Ascension Church in your village. He should be taken and made red, and let all believers pray before him." After some time, the vision was repeated, but this time a shining white temple appeared in front of the peasant woman, in which stood the majestic Mistress.

Stunned Evdokia immediately went to the rector of the church - Father Mykola Lykhachev. Together they examined all the ancient shrines that were on the iconostasis, but none of them resembled the woman's face. Then people went down to the basement - and among the garbage they found a board painted with paints. And after washing it from dust and cobwebs, the amazed parishioners discovered the image of the Most Pure Virgin! In her hands were the scepter and the state, on her head - a crown decorated with precious stones, and the Mother of God was sitting on the royal throne. This is how the icon of the Mother of God "State" was found. In addition, on the same day, a new spring appeared in the village - it rose from the ground on the slope of the Moskva River. Water from this key cured diseases.

Later, thanks to the preserved records from the Resurrection Convent (Moscow), historians managed to establish the origin of the relic. In 1812, before the war with Napoleon, it was moved from the Kremlin to a distant church, and then they forgot to return it. The image was in obscurity for 105 years until, by the grace of God, it appeared before Christians.

The rumor about the miraculous shrine quickly spread across the country. Numerous pilgrims went to her, skilled craftsmen began to make lists of relics, and an akathist of the State Icon of the Mother of God was compiled in her honor. It was believed that the image represents the hope for the revival of the empire, because from now on the ruler's regalia was in the Most Pure Virgin herself!

However, the prosperity did not last long - the Soviet authorities began to persecute everyone who had copies of the shrine. The abbots of the temples and parishioners who tried to hide the relic were arrested and shot, and the original image was seized and sent to the exposition of the State Historical Museum.

The icon returned to the church only at the end of the 1980s. At the request of Metropolitan Pytyrim, it was secretly transferred to the Publishing Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, to the altar of the home church of Joseph Volotsky. On July 27, 1990, the shrine was transferred to the Kazan Cathedral in the village of Kolomensk, placing it near the right wing. And in August 2007, the image was transported around Europe, the USA and Australia, so that everyone who wanted to could fall in love with it.

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What does the icon of the Mother of God "State" symbolize - photo, description and meaning

This image is very unusual for the Orthodox tradition. On it, the Virgin Mary is depicted in the guise of the Queen of Earth and Heaven - She is dressed in a purple robe, which is associated with a royal mantle, and a green chiton. The Mother of God holds a scepter in her outstretched right hand, and the state in her left hand. This attribute of power is indicated by the young Jesus sitting on the lap of the Madonna. The crowns on the heads are complemented by shining halos. And in the clouds above the relic, the image of the Lord of hosts is visible - He blesses the faithful.

Interpreters interpret the shrine in two ways - first, it serves as a reminder of the inevitable payment for sins. Due to the vices and unholy passions that people indulged in, the state lost a wise ruler and sank into a long turmoil. However, at the same time, righteous Christians always have a chance to save their souls - they just need to repent and fully rely on the will of the Creator. The Savior and the Mother of God take care of every person who cries out to them, sending him protection, consolation and support.

Icon "State Mother of God" - how does the relic help?

Church annals have preserved numerous testimonies of how the good power of the image changes people's lives. First of all, those who suffer from various ailments turn to her - the shrine allows to overcome the disease faster and cope with its consequences. It also heals mental injuries - apathy, neuroses, depression.

In addition, Christians who dream of finding a faithful and loving life partner, creating a strong and happy family, and having children belong to the face of the Most Holy Virgin. Contemplation of the relic gives peace of mind and balance, helps subdue malice, anger, resentment. It also allows for material and financial difficulties, indicates the right path and warns against reckless actions.

And the fervent prayer of the State Icon of the Mother of God brings peace to your country! It gets rid of enemy invaders, chastises leaders and politicians, prevents armed conflicts, reconciles opponents.

Our online store "Amber Polissya" will be happy to help you purchase a unique shrine, hand-made from shimmering gems and small stone chips. The exalted faces of the Savior and the Heavenly Queen, shimmering with thousands of reflections and shades, will be the best addition to your home iconostasis and a wonderful gift for family, friends and relatives!