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We, the National Science Policy Group (NSPG), are a network of nearly 30 student groups from across the country involved in continuing conversations around the intersection of science and policy. To learn about our history check out About Us. Or, check out the latest happenings in our NSPG News.

The NSPG represents dialogue on science policy across the entire country. To see who is involved check out Who We Are and Where We Are. Or, chat with our Leadership Team.

Want to join us? If you are Interested in joining our network with your student group or forming your own group on your campus check out Become a Member. Are you a professional organization seeking to connect with hundreds of students across the country interested in science policy? Check out Become a Partner.

Connect with us on Twitter @NatSciPolGroup and our Facebook page.

Our Executive Director, Samuel Brinton, shares the reason for the NSPG network: